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On the 7th of July I've hosted the opening of my personal exhibition Kenya:Back to roots.

The exhibition KENYA: BACK TO ROOTS is dedicated to Kenya, one of the most fascinating country from my travel diary. The project brings together traditional Kenyan costume and contemporary fashion. Shot in collaboration with 5 fashion and 3 accessories designers, it is a project that reflects cultural pride, strong bond with local traditions and future aspirations of Kenyan fashion elite.

Breathtaking sunsets, colourful jungle and endless ocean set an exotic background for strong female characters, that according to Kenyans, are modern power shifters. One of the photographs is called 'Shifted Power’ and depicts that modern Amazon, who, despite of wearing traditionally inspired outfit, steps forward leaving two Masai warriors, a symbol of traditional Kenyan military power, way behind.

Another popular motif in BACK TO ROOTS project is fusion of traditional and modern wear that symbolises Kenyan past and future. ‘No tree can be fruitful without roots’ say Kenyans. True indeed. Kenyan fashion designers create modern wear and accessories drawing inspiration in splendid local nature and colourful national costume, that also include traditional wear of Masai warriors.

The exhibition was held at The Library private members club and its opening attracted the rage of public figures from creatives to financiers. The event was covered in media and press.


I truly appreciate the support and love that i received from the guests of the event.

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