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My new educational program ON SET EXPERIENCE

Through the years I had been contacted by aspiring photographers and photographers from other niches (street, events, portrait) who are keen to break into fashion photography industry. The questions they ask are: how to start working with modelling agencies and what are the criteria for casting the

models, how to scout locations, creatively communicate with the crew and ultimately what are the standards of international fashion publications and corporate and private clients expectations?

I decided to address all these questions by creating a unique educational program ON SET EXPERIENCE that takes students through all the stages of fashion photography process: from casting models and location scouting to framing, lighting, communicating with international crew and post production image delivery. More importantly, I share my experience of working with international modelling agencies, magazines and private clients, speak about aesthetics of the modern fashion photography, clients expectations and personal creative development.

Stay tuned for new destinations and exciting theme packages!

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