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Burning Man. An utopia or a new age society? It is definitely much more then a festival. Despite of being criticised for excessive nudity and drug consumption, there are so much more to the gathering of 80.000+ free spirited people in Nevada desert.

Art installations, mind blowing activities and unpresidential in real "default" world (BM slang) human interaction that is money and judgement free are attracting new hippies from all over the world to spend a week in a hostile desert environment following the rules of radical self reliance, radical self expression and radical acceptance.

When anyone enters Playa (the desert terrain on which Burning man takes place every year in August), he or she is greeted with a traditional phrase "Welcome home". Attending Burning Man for the second time I can say that it IS my home.

As a free creative spirit, I always will stay young in heart and up for an adventure. Adrenaline junkies like myself don't mind to live in tents, survive through sand storms, being grilled by sun during the day while freezing at nights. These challenges are nothing comparing to the experiences both physical, mental and spiritual one can get on the Playa.

Burning Man makes you reassess the values of your day to day 'default world' existence, brings you to the core of human communication (there is no money or internet). All interactions happen in real time face to face. Its a luxury that only few can afford in nowadays Western world with its society temptations and pressures: social media, emails and phone communications with Internet in general on top. In Black Rock City (unofficial name of the part of the desert where BM takes place) one literally needs to ho on his bike and ride in order to speak to a friend from a different camp. People write down each other addresses and make dates to see each other. For one who had not experienced this (for some time) it might be difficult to understand how liberating is it. Staying in and enjoying the moment is something we have completely lost behind non stop tests, social media checking and such a fast lifestyle that we just can't cope with such a pressure...

I have put together a quick video of my two friends fighting at Thunder Dome. These images represent what adventure and thirst for live stands for in my eyes. Hope you enjoy!

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