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I have always believed in the importance of collaboration between the artists. It is the an exciting journey of discovery , 

mutual nurturing and inspiring.However today I would like to speak about the importance of collaboration with modelling agencies. Why to collaborate with modelling agencies? PORTFOLIO.To build and extend your portfolio in exciting locations all over the globe with great models. QUALITY.Remember: your picture only as good as the model in front of your camera. In the modelling agency models are already scouted and most of them have some/large experience and will complement your image. PROFESSIONALISM. Agency model is more reliable. In the worst case or in an emergency she/he will be replaced by the agency. Ever been cancelled on by ‘freelancers on TFP”? What does it take to collaborate with agencies? BEGINNING.Its hard to begin. Once you will have a solid portfolio with test shoots and recommendation letters, modelling agencies worldwide will be willing to collaborate. Until you develop your own style, get inspired by the images on the worlds best modelling agencies websites (i can recommend Elite, Ford, Wilhelmina) and try to imitate the work of photographers you may see there. DELIVERY. Don’t forget that models and bookers had also invested their time and need to be compensated with retouched images. Don’t delay the agreed deadline. RECOMMENDATIONS.Ask for recommendation letter as a collaborator. It does make an impression. Digital letter is handy. ALL TRADES. Be ready to apply (at least basic) make up, make hair and style models. I may recommend buying clothes and returning to the store when a stylist is not available. Don’t let the lack of crew ruin an amazing opportunity to shoot!

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